Sales Manager - Project Developments
Anastasia Altavil
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Sales Manager - Project Developments

Anastasia Altavil is a Sales Manager at Dubai Sotheby’s International Realty

Specialising in Project Development, Anastasia has six months of focused expertise in this area and stands out for her intuitive understanding of customer needs and her innovative problem-solving approach. Her ability to seamlessly transform casual conversations into valuable business opportunities is her secret weapon, reflecting a passion for building genuine connections.

Fluent in Russian, Arabic, English, and French, Anastasia brings a global perspective to her role. Her previous experience in the real estate industry in Beirut, Lebanon, has enriched her understanding of diverse markets.

Anastasia's client-centric approach is built on trust and relationship-building, utilising creative methods such as humour, storytelling, and interactive experiences. Her blend of personalised attention, market expertise, and a strategic mindset makes the real estate experience not only smooth and successful but also enjoyable. 

Beyond her thriving real estate career, Anastasia finds joy in learning languages, travelling, and playing tennis. Her multifaceted interests contribute to her well-rounded approach, making her a standout figure in the real estate landscape.