Associate Director
Anjana Mahna
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English| Hindi

Associate Director

Anjana Mahna is a luxury real estate advisor and agent with more than two decades of rich experience specialising in high-end property transactions. Her area of expertise lies specifically on prestigious properties in prime locations, such as Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Bay Island and Dubai Hills. Ajana also specialises in facilitating off-plan purchases and working with Ultra High Net Worth Individuals to manage end-to-end transactions and understand their unique home requirements.

 Anjana’s track record speaks volumes: she consistently delivers profitable outcomes for her clients, exceeds her own sales targets and manages complex transactions with finesse. A client-focused individual, she excels in providing tailored expert guidance on investment and offering advice on maximising capital profits by strategically advising on prime investment opportunities. As a consultant, Ajana is able to advise clients on optimal selling times and handover dates, ensuring maximum profit on the total sale. Above all else, she’s dedicated to providing an unparalleled and personalised service and a seamless experience for her clients. 

Anjana speaks English and Hindi. Aside from her career in real estate, she has a deep love of travel, discovering new cultures and gaining diverse perspectives.