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Estelle Klose
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Global Property Consultant

Estelle Klose is an expert on Dubai, particularly the esteemed Palm Jumeirah area, catering to an international clientele for over a year.

Her journey, rooted in luxury and sales, began with a Master's degree in Luxury Management and Hospitality from the esteemed International University of Monaco. After three successful years with Sotheby’s Côte d’Azur, she transitioned to Dubai in pursuit of new horizons.

Estelle is known for her adaptability across diverse real estate markets, demonstrating a remarkable ability to comprehend and meet the unique demands of each location. What distinguishes Estelle is her commitment to long-term client satisfaction, viewing herself not as a mere salesperson but as a devoted matchmaker. Leveraging connections in the art, watch, and car industries across 80 locations worldwide, she provides a comprehensive service tailored to her client's every need.

Her educational background, including a certification in contemporary art from Sotheby's Institute of Art, enriches her ability to guide clients not only in property choices but also in creating a personalised and aesthetically pleasing living environment.