Sales Manager - Project Developments
Harshad Parwani
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Sales Manager - Project Developments

Specialising in Project Development, Harshad has a remarkable 15-year dedication to the dynamic Dubai real estate market.

Harshad's expertise lies in high-end luxury properties, where his wealth of experience and extensive network set him apart. Throughout his career, Harshad has navigated diverse roles, from Client Relations Manager to Operations Manager, collaborating with top private and government developers. These experiences form the foundation of his comprehensive understanding of the real estate landscape.

Harshad's consistent contributions to project development and client relations have forged a solid reputation in the industry. His credibility stems from successfully managing various roles and projects, earning trust among clients and colleagues. Harshad's client-centric approach involves understanding unique needs and tailoring solutions to exceed expectations. His deep understanding of Dubai's luxury real estate, coupled with effective communication and negotiation skills, ensures a seamless experience for clients.