Senior Sales Manager - Project Developments
Joyce Hajal
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Senior Sales Manager - Project Developments

As a Senior Sales Manager overseeing Project Developments with Dubai Sotheby’s International Realty, Joyce brings to her role, not just a forensic knowledge of niche projects across Dubai’s prime real estate market segment, but also what makes each neighbourhood so special in terms of value and capital appreciation.

With a remarkable track record spanning over four years in the luxury market, Joyce has established herself as a solid, reliable performer, consistently driving forth the success of her team while transacting several high-value deals.

Her portfolio extends to exclusive projects, each offering investment opportunities with unprecedented appreciation. Joyce's approach is anchored in a commitment to full transparency with clients, and providing expert advice on the finest and most promising properties available.

Joyce's academic background in media communication from L’Ecole Française Des Attachés de Presse in Paris has been instrumental in shaping her professional path. This educational foundation, combined with her affinity for high-end business, creates a synergy that enables her to excel in the competitive luxury real estate market.

Fluent in French, English, and Arabic, and proficient in Italian, Joyce brings a cosmopolitan perspective and a multilingual advantage to her role. 

As an avid enthusiast of art and design, Joyce has a discerning eye for quality that extends beyond aesthetics. This unique perspective allows her to distinguish and appreciate the finer details and craftsmanship that represent excellent property value. It also enables her to identify and recommend properties that not only meet clients' functional needs but also align with their appreciation for exceptional design and enduring quality.

Joyce continues to shape the prime property landscape, leveraging her solid market insight and extensive network to deliver premier advisory services.