Associate Director
Laxmi Bhavnani
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Associate Director

Born in Abu Dhabi, Laxmi's journey in Dubai’s real estate world began over 18 years ago, fueled by her deep passion and extensive knowledge of the industry. Her expertise lies in high-end secondary sales and off-plan developments, showcasing a remarkable career marked by numerous successful transactions in both secondary and primary markets. As a key figure at Dubai Sotheby’s International Realty, Laxmi is renowned as an area expert for Jumeirah Islands, a community she not only serves but also calls home, highlighting her genuine connection and commitment. 

What sets Laxmi apart is her unwavering dedication to her clients' property goals, characterised by honesty, integrity, and a solid grasp of market dynamics. Her reputation as a trustworthy and reliable broker in Dubai is well-deserved, built on a foundation of exceptional service and a track record of delivering to the highest standards. Laxmi's multifaceted career also includes being an astute investor, leveraging her deep understanding of market trends to make strategic investment decisions. 

This dual perspective as both an investor and a broker further enhances her ability to guide clients effectively, offering comprehensive insights and tailored solutions that align with their investment objectives. 

For Laxmi, continual growth and progress are paramount, driving her to constantly evolve and maintain long-term success and credibility in the ever-changing real estate landscape.