Senior Sales Manager - Project Developments
Deya Betinjaneh
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Senior Sales Manager - Project Developments

Specialising in the prestigious Eden House, The Canal project Deya brings three years of expertise to the dynamic real estate industry. Fluent in Arabic and English with a beginner's grasp of French, Deya excels in niche markets and sustainable developments, coupled with a keen understanding of specific neighbourhoods and regions.

Deya's impressive track record includes successful coverage of diverse neighbourhoods and communities in the Jumeirah district, notably City Walk and Downtown. Her in-depth knowledge of these areas, combined with a strong history of successful transactions, positions her as a trusted expert in the local real estate market.

Having built a career from the ground up as a real estate broker, Deya's achievements, including surpassing sales targets, negotiating lucrative deals, and ensuring high client satisfaction, have contributed significantly to her stellar reputation.

Deya adopts a personalised and consultative approach, prioritising client needs, transparent communication, and expert guidance to secure optimal deals. Her unique effectiveness lies in delivering compelling presentations, emphasising the importance of maintaining strong relationships with brokers and clients for seamless transactions and trust-building.

Beyond real estate, Deya indulges in graphic design and digital marketing, with a particular interest in photography. Her photographic skills enhance property presentations and contribute to impactful marketing materials.