Sales Manager - Project Developments
Luna Farhat
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Sales Manager - Project Developments

Luna is a seasoned professional with a year of specialisation in luxurious upcoming off-plan developments. With a background in a family business in contracting and development, Luna brings a wealth of knowledge and a strong understanding of the criteria that define quality developments. 

A keen eye for reputable contractors and a commitment to providing clients with a foundational comprehension of value for money in real estate investments mean she is an exceptionally well-trusted agent in the industry. Luna's approach is defined by a bottom-line, investment-oriented decision-making strategy, coupled with a lifestyle-centric perspective. She emphasises empathetic and straightforward communication, tailoring her advisory to the distinctive individual requirements and goals of her clients.

Educated in International Business Management, Luna's diverse interests include metaphysics, art, classic cars, music, and skiing. Her avid reading and versatile skills make her a jack of all trades, enhancing her ability to navigate the complexities of the property world.